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Borsi Display Panels

Borsi Display is one of the leading suppliers of acrylic glass, screen-printed, vacuum molded and routed display panels. These display panels can be used for inside as well as outside signage. Being an innovative company, Borsi has developed a procedure which allows the presentation of various highly reflecting metallic color tones onto the 2nd surface of acrylic glass. Contrary to existing production techniques the effect of the plated decorations do not assume shadowy effects by night but remain translucent (Same day / night appearance).

Borsi produces mirrors with the logo-type printed on to it. A company can get the desired design onto a mirror for use in restaurants, bars, lounges or simply as a promotional gift.

Borsi also produces quality Point-of-sale display stands. These stands are custom made according to your needs to help promote your products effectively in the places they are sold.

Other products include: Calendars, clocks, menu stands, black boards, and many more useful and innovative ways of promoting your products.

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