Kaj Stenvall motives on RC Ritzenhoff glasses

Lasse Åberg mouse motive on RC Ritzenhoff glasses

RC Ritzenhoff glass with Carlsberg logo

RC Ritzenhoff Crystal Glass

Several Oy is the importer and representative for the german company RC Ritzenhoff Cristal in Finland. RC Ritzenhoff is one of Europe's leading high-quality crystal glass manufacturer, and they have the sole right to among others, art glass designed by Kaj Stenvall and Lasse Åberg. RC Ritzenhoff also manufactures other standard- and special glasses, for restaurants, clubs, associations and also for use as company PR-gifts.

The art of Kaj Stenvall in new form

Kaj Stenvall's enchanting paintings have now carefully been transferred to first-rate crystal glasses. First on the market will be beer- and miniglasses, both with six different paintings. The combination of an object of art and a practical drinking glass. A perfect gift!

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The art of Lasse Åberg in new form

Lasse Åberg has been very productive in his art, movies, books and music. Nowadays Lasse claims he does mostly things that pleases him. Has he done much that he didn't find pleasing, is another question. He is a versatile artist, whose work essentially has a brand of will and creativity, but also quality and planning.

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RC-Ritzenhoff Cristal glasses

RC Ritzenhoff also makes other standard- and special glasses, among others for restaurants, clubs, associations and as PR-gifts.

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