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Kaj Stenvall's art in a new form

Kaj Stenvall's enchanting paintings have now carefully been transferred to first-rate crystal glasses. Based on international experience, these popular themes could be a real bestseller: the combination of an object of art and a practical drinking glass. A perfect gift!

First on the market will be beer- and miniglasses, both with six different paintings. The glasses are manufactured in Germany, in the famous Ritzenhoff-Cristal glass factory, which is rich in tradition, and one of the leaders in painted glass manufacturing.

From the original paintings, 10-color lithographical pictures are made, and they are then transferred by hand to the glasses and burned at high temperature, which guarantees the durability of the pictures.

Glass with Kaj Stenvalls motive       Kaj Stenvalls glass package

There is room for 6 cl drink in the mini glass, the height is 11 cm.

The beer glass has a volume of 40 cl, and it is festively 22 cm high.

Each glass is sold separately in a stylish package, suitable as such as a gift wrap.


Kaj Stenvall glasses
  Volume cl. Height cm.
Beer glass 40 22
Mini glass 6 11
Tumbler 19 8
Longdrink 38 16
Twelve exciting Kaj Stenvall paintings

Kaj Stenvall painting and package         Kaj Stenvall paintings

Call for more information: Christopher Wegelius 040 501 9826

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